A few reasons why women should wear chapel veils when praying and modest apparel always...

Many times those making their way back to Tradition in our Holy Catholic Church find themselves wondering about some of the old ways and customs. The wearing of chapel veils is often counted among them. Do women really have to wear a veil in the church or when praying? The 15th Century victim soul and mystic, St. Lydwine of Schiedam, found herself drawn to heaven ...and her experience there teaches us the answer to this question. It is impressive how she realized that she had no will in the matter but was open to whatever God’s Holy Mother wanted...

Heaven veils St. Lydwine

In his biography of St. Lydwine, Thomas a Kempis, author of The Imitation of Christ, recounts this affecting story: once the saint "was rapt by the spirit who bore her to the regions of Purgatory, where, amid others whom she saw in manifold and grievous ways tormented, she saw also the souls of her friends punished, for whose deliverance and relief she afterwards cruelly afflicted herself in the body. When then she had seen with grief these purgatorial regions, and very many places of punishment wherein the souls were tortured according to the diversity of faults, God pitying her, she was led to contemplate the joys of eternal life. There indeed she saw how God Almighty enjoyed His own glory in Himself, according to that 'I am the first and the last' (Is. xli 4), and 'I will not give my glory to another' (Is. xlii 8); she saw also how the holy martyrs, confessors, prophets, virgins, and other orders of the blessed enjoyed their glory in themselves, and for overflowing delights were mutually transfused into one another. When she had gazed upon these joys, many saints addressing her sweetly comforted her and, exhorting her to patience, spake thus: 'What trouble or harm is it to those who are here now, that in the world they suffered many adversities for Christ?' Then the most blessed Virgin Mary approached her in great glory, and kindly addressing her, questioned her, saying: 'Why, most dear daughter, hast thou come with head uncovered and unadorned?' Then this virgin replied: 'Most dear Lady Virgin Mary this is the will of the Lord and my God, and thus my conductor brought me here.' After many familiar colloquies then of the Mother of God with this virgin, the time coming wherein she should return to her bodily senses, Christ’s Mother addressed these words to her: 'Most dear daughter, do manfully, and let thy heart be strengthened in the bearing of sorrows; because for these things which thou sufferest now, thou shalt gain wondrous and great glory.' The blessed Virgin also added, saying, 'Wouldst thou have a veil upon thy head?' She replied: “I cannot here have a will of my own.” When therefore she had looked to her angel guide, and he, seeing that she resigned her own will, had consented that she should accept; 'Receive,' quoth the Blessed Virgin, 'this veil upon thy head...'”

(Excerpt taken from St. Lydwine of Shiedam by Thomas a' Kempis Part II, Chapter VII.)


Our Lady of Good Success

In speaking of our times to Ven. Mother Mariana of Jesus Torres, Our Lady prophecied: “In those times the atmosphere will be saturated with the spirit of impurity which, like a filthy sea, will engulf the streets and public places with incredible license.… Innocence will scarcely be found in children, or modesty in women. He who should speak seasonably will remain silent.”

St. Paul the Apostle

“... the works of the flesh are manifest, which are fornication, uncleanness, immodesty, luxury... But the fruit of the Spirit is charity... modesty, continency, chastity” (Gal 5:19,22-23); and “I will therefore that men pray in every place, lifting up pure hands, without anger and contention. In like manner women also in decent apparel: adorning themselves with modesty and sobriety, not with plaited hair, or gold, or pearls, or costly attire, but as it becometh women professing godliness, with good works” (1Tim 2:8-10).

Pope Pius XII

“... modesty foresees threatening danger, forbids us to expose ourselves to risks, demands the avoidance of those occasions which the imprudent do not shun. It does not like impure or loose talk, it shrinks from the slightest immodesty, it carefully avoids suspect familiarity with persons of the other sex, since it brings the soul to show due reverence to the body, as being a member of Christ and the temple of the Holy Ghost. He who possesses the treasure of Christian modesty abominates every sin of impurity and instantly flees whenever he is tempted by its seductions” (Sacra Virginitas, no. 58).


“There is nothing wrong in being fashionable.  God does not require us to ignore the dictates of fashion so that we look grotesque!  But, fashion can never be the supreme rule of conduct.  There is a limit beyond which fashion can bring about the ruin of a soul.”

St. Anthony Mary Claret

“Now observe, my daughter, the contrast between the luxurious dress of many women and raiment and adornments of Jesus... Tell me: what relation do their fine shoes bear to the spikes in Jesus’ feet? The rings on their hands to the nails which perforated His? The fashionable coiffure to the crown of thorns? The painted face to That covered with bruises? Shoulders exposed by the low-cut gown to His, all striped with Blood? Ah, but there is a marked likeness between these worldly women and the Jews who, incited by the devil, scourged Our Lord! At the hour of such a woman’s death I think Jesus will be heard asking: ‘Cujus est imago haec et circumscripto—Of whom is she the image?’ And the reply will be: ‘Demonii—of the devil.’ Then He will say: ‘Let her who has followed the devil’s fashions be handed over to him; and to God, those who have imitated the modesty of Jesus and Mary."

                       Why is Pope St. Linus our Patron?

Wearing the Veil is an Ancient Tradition

The Roman Breviary and Tradition teach that Pope St. Linus was “the first to govern the Church after Peter. His faith and holiness were so great that he not only cast out demons but also called the dead back to life. He wrote the Acts of St. Peter, particularly what Peter had done against Simon the magician. He decreed that no woman should go into a church without having her head veiled” (Matins, Sept 23).

Wearing the Veil is Scriptural

This good Pope was only confirming what St. Paul taught the Corinthians: “every woman praying or prophesying with her head not covered, disgraceth her head... let her cover her head” (11:5-6); and thereafter the same Apostle rhetorically asks: “doth it become a woman to pray unto God uncovered?” (11:13).



Let us humble ourselves ...


and fulfill this precept!


May God reward you!


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