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St Lucy Nightgown with elastic

St Lucy Nightgown without elastic


Saint Lucy is the patron of this nightgown because her name means light. A young Sicilian maiden who vowed her virginity to Christ and received the martyrs crown for remaining true to her Divine Bridegroom, Saint Lucy teaches us that being faithful, come what may, leads inevitably to the light and glory of Heaven. Wearing a full-length nightgown is a good way for women to retain their dignity by dressing modestly even after the sun has set and darkness enfolds the earth. May Saint Lucy obtain for women the grace to remain modest, come what may, and maintain always a beautiful and dignified appearance. Saint Lucy, pray for us!

When made with cotton, the Saint Lucy Nightgown keeps one cool during hot summer nights, and the flannel option promises warmth during the cold of winter. The sleeves have optional elastic as seen in the pictures. See our size chart and color options below. Note: When measuring length, please measure from back of shoulder to ankle.     For arm measurements, slightly bend arm and measure from shoulder down the outside of the arm to the wrist. 

May God reward you!


Size Chart for Apparel by Saint Linus Veils

  Bust Waist Hips


24.5 22



25.5 22.5 26.5
M 27 23.5 28
L 28.5 24.5 29.5
XS 2 33 25.5 35.5
XS 4 34 26.5 36.5
S 6 35 27.5 37.5
S 8 36 28.5 38.5
M 10 37 29.5 39.5
M 12 38.5 31 41
L 14 40 32.5 42.5
L 16 41.5 34 44
XL 18 42.5 36 46

Note: Not everyone fits into one size. They may be an M 10 waist and M 12 hip for instance...The seamstresses want to make garments that fit, so please don't hesitate to add a note to your order with more specific measurements, including length! May God reward you!

Purple Floral cotton

Green Flannel

Spring Buds cotton

Pink Flannel

Teal Floral cotton

Blue Flannel

The St. Lucy Nightgown be available for purchase again in late 2020 or early 2021

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Please be advised. We have done our best to provide accurate photos of the fabric options. They may, however, be slightly different than what is shown depending on your web browser and computer. May God reward you!

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