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The Maid's Jumper

Saint Joan of Arc displays a perfect example of what a woman ought to be in our modern times. So pure and chaste was Joan the Maid that numerous rough soldiers testified that in drawing near to her, all their carnal desires fled. They honored her more as a woman than a general...and would fight with her and for her unto death. Although, as leader of an army (by unique command of God) she had to dress in men's clothing, nevertheless this general of generals longed to return to her womanly garb and to shepherding the flocks of her father. Far from being a cause of temptation in the hearts and minds of the men around her, Joan desired to remain a humble and modest woman. Saint Joan of Arc, pray for us and enable us to return to dressing and acting like true and virtuous women whom men will honor and fight to defend.

The Maid of Orleans jumper is perfect for every day of the week, but we have found it particularly helpful for tasks requiring a lot of arm movement such as cleaning, dusting, etc... no fear of a shirt coming up too high when you reach for something in this comfortable jumper! There is an optional pocket placket for easy access to needed articles in ones petticoat pocket. The belt is not included.

See below for colors and a size chart.

Note: When measuring the length, please measure from back of shoulder to ankle.

Virgo Potens Cloak

Devotion to the Queen of Heaven, Virgin most Powerful (Virgo Potens), is the most sure means of acquiring the virtue of modesty and persevering in its practice. In these times of such brazen impiety, saturated with immodesty and impurity, she alone can help women to be & to remain truly womanly, pure, and beautiful. May she who always dressed with quiet dignity and humble beauty, enable women to imitate her faithfully. This full length cloak adds elegance and feminity to ones decor as well as giving needed warmth in the cold weather.

The Virgo Potens Cloak adds elegance and femininity to ones attire. It is ankle length and comes with a hood and fluer-de-lys clasp. The micro-suede fabric used in its construction lends a regal appearance to the cloak. This fabric keeps one dry in a rain storm and warm in cool weather. (Though wearing a sweater in midwinter is still recommended!) Please see the Virgo Potens Cloak section below for fabric options and to order.   Note: When measuring the length, please measure from back of shoulder to ankle.

Size Chart for Apparel by Saint Linus Veils

  Bust Waist Hips
XS 24.5 22 25.5
S 25.5 22.5 26.5
M 27 23.5 28
L 28.5 24.5 29.5
XS 2 33 25.5 35.5
XS 4 34 26.5 36.5
S 6 35 27.5 37.5
S 8 36 28.5 38.5
M 10 37 29.5 39.5
M 12 38.5 31 41
L 14 40 32.5 42.5
L 16 41.5 34 44
XL 18 42.5 36 46

Note: Not everyone fits into one size. They may be an M 10 waist and M 12 hip for instance...The seamstresses want to make garments that fit, so please don't hesitate to add a note to your order with more specific measurements, including length! May God reward you!

The Maid’s Jumper by Saint Linus Veils...

St. Joan, the Maid,

Ora pro nobis!

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Virgo Potens Cloak by Saint Linus Veils...

Brown Microsuede

Virgo Potens Cloak for Girls: Sizes
Available Lengths

Virgin Most Powerful... Pray for us!

Blue Microsuede

Virgo Potens Cloak for Ladies: Sizes
Available Lengths


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Please be advised. We have done our best to provide accurate photos of the fabric options. They may, however, be slightly different than what is shown depending on your web browser and computer. May God reward you!

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