Why is Pope St. Linus our Patron?

Wearing the Veil is an Ancient Tradition

The Roman Breviary and Tradition teach that Pope St. Linus was “the first to govern the Church after Peter. His faith and holiness were so great that he not only cast out demons but also called the dead back to life. He wrote the Acts of St. Peter, particularly what Peter had done against Simon the magician. He decreed that no woman should go into a church without having her head veiled” (Matins, Sept 23).

Wearing the Veil is Scriptural

This good Pope was only confirming what St. Paul taught the Corinthians: “every woman praying or prophesying with her head not covered, disgraceth her head... let her cover her head” (11:5-6); and thereafter the same Apostle rhetorically asks: “doth it become a woman to pray unto God uncovered?” (11:13).



Let us humble ourselves ...


and fulfill this precept!


May God reward you!


About the seamstress...

I am blessed to be a virgin of Holy Mother Church,  officially consecrated by my bishop. I  live a simple and devout life near a Traditional Latin Mass Parish in Northern KY ourladyloflourdes.info.           

As I strive to live out my vocation in serving the Church, this sewing work is a main source of income for my temporal means. Any support  you kindly offer is most welcome and appreciated.



As our company title indicates, the seamstresses at Saint Linus Veils are dedicated to providing MODEST Apparel. We make and sell modest full length skirts and jumpers. We hope and pray you will join us in seeking the renewal of modesty and practicing of virtue in our society. Your patronage is greatly appreciated. May God reward you!



Mother most Admirable,

Grant us the grace to sew modest apparel

which helps women to be beautiful,

humble, and contemplative.

All for the Glory of God

and the salvation of souls!


Some comments from our customers...

The St. Maria Goretti skirt that you made for my mother is just perfect -- she loves it and it looks so nice on her! You can tell that a lot of time and effort went into the work of such a beautiful skirt... Thank you also especially for the very kind, expedient delivery. May God bless you!

THANK YOU BOTH so much, for these beautiful skirts (and petticoats)!! We could hardly wait to get home, to put them on!
OH, how GREAT the Good God is, that He has made us women, and, thus, made these beautiful garments so appropriate, that one not only feels "at home," wearing them, but so feminine and pretty!!!
In a world that has steered me clear (for lack of better words) of my God-given femininity, the very instant I put on this skirt, I realized that the INNATE femininity, given to me by God, was just as alive and undaunted, as the day I was born...

Just wanted to let you know our little girl LOVES her new dress and petticoat.  Thank you!  They are beautiful!


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We ask your patience...

Due to the small size of this business, the supplies of lace and fabric is limited. As we grow, we hope to purchase larger quantities of materials. At times, therefore, we may require some delay between the order and its fulfillment, depending on the demand. May God reward you for your patience and cooperation!


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