Update 10/27/20:

*Due to a large volume of sewing work, we will not be accepting any new skirt orders until late 2020 or early 2021.

One-of-a-kind items & veils are still avaible to order, and will ship within a few business days... May God reward your support!*

Please see our One of a Kind section for

unique and ready-to-ship skirts!


Our Line of Veils that aid Prayer & Contemplation...

St. Bernadette Veils

Here is a veil (triangular style) for use when praying even outside of a church. St. Bernadette wore her veil and look what happened: Our Lady came from heaven to appear in the niche of the wall at Massabielle to speak to her such that Scripture was fulfilled... “Arise, my love, my beautiful one, and come; my dove in the cleft of the rock, in the hollow places of the wall... Show me Thy face, let Thy voice sound in my ears, for Thy voice is sweet and Thy face comely. Alleluia” (Gradual & Alleluia verse, Our Lady of Lourdes, Feb 11).


This veil comes in BLACK or WHITE, one size only.

St. Bernadette Veils: Colors

Josepha Veils

This infinity or continuous veil is named after the saintly mystic Sr. Josepha Menedez. Knowing she had a religious vocation, Josepha nevertheless had to strive nearly continuously to find a community to fulfill this divine calling. She persevered through many trials & tricks of the devil to profess the holy vows of poverty, chastity and obedience. Upon pronouncing her vows, great peace flooded her soul. She received many revelations & mystical graces to renew the devotion to the Sacred Heart in 20th Century.

This veil comes in BLACK, WHITE or IVORY, one size.

Josepha Veils: Colors

Lydwine Veils

This contemplative veil (half-circle style) is made to honor and call to mind the veil St. Lydwine received from the Blessed Mother when she visited heaven without wearing a veil. Learn more about this amazing story from Thomas a Kempis here... Why We Make & Wear Veils and Skirts. St. Lydwine is one of the Church’s most astounding contemplative souls. She teaches us how veils help us pray by cutting down distractions and keeping others from being distracted by us.


This is a very beautiful veil!


This veil comes in BLACK or WHITE, one size only.

St. Lydwine Veils: Colors

Our Specialty Veil...

  St. Mariana Veils   

This beautiful veil is made from lace purchased in Quito, Ecuador... just down the street from the Conceptionist Abbey where Ven. Mother Mariana was visited by Our Lady of Good Success... and across the street from the exquisite chapel La Compania where St. Mariana of Quito is buried. This veil works very well for Solemn Feasts. The fabric is equisite and lays very nicely over the head and shoulders. Please be aware supplies are limited unless more pilgrimages are made.

Only avaible now in WHITE!

St. Mariana Veils: Colors






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